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Friendships without Borders

Prague, Czech Republic

Over the past few days I’ve been in a high school and gotten the chance to meet an inspiring group of volunteers from all over the world. Pei Woon from Malaysia, Mohamed Zey from Tunisia, Luciano La from Italy, Lucas Melara from Brazil, and Jacinta Fehn from Germany. They were brought together here in Prague through a youth organization, AIESEC to participate in the EDISON Project.

The Edison Project is an effort to break down stereotypes. With all of the predjudices and steriotypes in our world today, it is important to reduce inequalities between different cultures (SDG 10).

Every week these teachers move from school to school around Prague, teaching students of all age groups about their country and culture.

In addition to teaching about their countries, they play games and have conversations on a more informal level to build relationships with the students.

After watching them interact with the students, you could see the students attitudes toward them change.

"At first I thought Tunisia was a radical state, but now I think it's quite lovely." Says one of the boys in the class after a session of singing and dancing with Mohamed.

It's been amazing to watch these five volunteers change the mindsets of young people in Czech Republic.

To hear more about the volunteers talk about the project and their experience, listen below

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