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The United Nations recently published a new set of 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. What do these goals mean for young people and the way we live and work for generations to come? Beginning in August 2016, I will commit 12 months to travel and explore the stories behind these 17 goals. By exposing the stories through a daily blog, I will also share my own journey of trying to make sense of these 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Here is a little bit more about me.


Being young presents great opportunity when looking at a problem. A problem is not always bad news; it is an invitation for innovation.  I have many years to invest in new ideas that may appear at first to have small impact, but with time, these ideas could serve as a catalyst for significant systemic change. I want to explore both the roadblocks and strengths of situations interrelated to the 17 Global Goals, and hopefully discover ideas that my generation can cultivate in the many years ahead of us. By building off of strengths, we can empower a person to improve one life, then one small community and ultimately, one world.

I continue to be excited about the stories I will be able to hear, and using this blog portal as a place to share everything I learn. Hopefully, as I go, others are inspired to take action and go find their goal!


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